By purchasing any of our available products, you take part in the fight against head and neck cancer and help support patients and families who are in need. 100% of all proceeds benefit our all-volunteer led nonprofit fund, 911 4 HNC.

Tote Bag ($25 each)

Use this handy black and cobalt blue tote to haul groceries, books and other necessities. By wearing it, you can inform others about our mission and help spread awareness for HNC.

“Art Works by Cookie Kerxton” Book ($50 each)

Did you know that our founder, Barbara (aka Cookie) Kerxton, also creates artwork of her own? Own the book today to get a glimpse of the awe-inspiring pieces she created through 2015 and support 911 4 HNC in the process.

Courage Unmasked Catalogue ($40 each)

Collect the exhibition catalogue from the second Courage Unmasked event, which includes the history of 911 4 HNC and the work of all 59 artists.

Bonus Poster with Donation

As a complementary bonus, for a $50.00 donation you will receive an exclusive 18″ x 24″ poster celebrating the first two Courage Unmasked Gala events.

Poster, Ready to Hang (Free with $50.00 donation)