Check out these radiation masks once worn by head and neck cancer patients that have been transformed into fine art sculptures to help raise awareness and funds for Head and Neck Cancer. All proceeds from these masks go directly to support individual patients who are struggling to make ends meet, whether it’s for taxi fare to the hospital or groceries.

B.J. Adams

With Apologies to Arcimboldo

Kendall Dorman

Burial Mask for Daniel Edwards

Gail Gorlitzz


Michael Gross

Painted Lady

Mariah Josephy

Phoebus Runabout

June Linowitz

Homage to Ted Kennedy

Heidi Lippman

Targeted Quivers for Modern Warriors

Wendy Ross

Spiral Dreams

Joyce Zipperer

Mardi Gras

Christine Adams

Some Poems Don’t Rhyme

Jamie Agins

Flying in the Face of Adversity

Carolyn Alper

Masked Munch

Sondra Arkin

Ancestral Nkisi – Healing With Song

Maria Barbosa

The Canary in the Mind

Cecelia Battle

The Light from Within

Jessica Beels

Brain Teaser

Jessica Beels

The View From Within

Mary Beth Bellah

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Mirella Monti Belshe

Conquering Cancer

Jeanne Benson

Hardware: Hard Wear

Patricia Underwood

Vinco Vici Victum

Mia Valencia


Raymonde Van Santen

The Magic of Courage

Barbara Warden


Shirley Waxman

I Have Hair

Joyce Weinstein


Mindy Weisel


Michael Winger

Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Stage 3

Diana Woodside

You’re Bee-You-tiful

Gail Yumkas

Fun Over Fear

Suzanne Yurdin

Giving Voice

Sandra Zamaria

Vintage Radiance

Alan Binstock

Worlds Transcended

Carol Binstock


Sally Brucker

Pulchritudinous Warrior

Fulvia Musti Ciarla


Susan Cole

Member of the (Medicine) Cabinet

Sheila Crider

Roar Roar Women

Jacqui Crocetta

Honoring the Healing Goddess Within

Richard Dana

The Light Within

Joan Danziger

Big Ears Long Nose

Gerda DeCorte

Not by Faith Alone

Cheryl Derricotte

African Mask

Sue Eyet

Goddess of Green

Dorothy Fall


Peggy Feerick and Rebecca Kamen

Particles of Hope

Susan Feller

Everything’s Not Black or White

Maria-Theresa Fernandes

Child Bride 2008

Joan Field

The Sun Will Rise Again Tomorrow

Pattie Firestone

Full of Life

Els Forger-Hinderdael


Betty Foster

The Singing Spirit

Helen Frederick

Othello Cries

Jenny Freestone


Carol Rubin

Whata Bitterpill

Deirdre Saunder

Swan Song

Gretchen Schermerhorn


Rima Schulkind

Let the Healing Begin

Patricia Secco

Esperança (In the Hope)

Nicholas Shi

Garnering Strength

Alec Simpson

Eat Dessert First!

Kathy Stevens

Butterflies Are Free

Diane Szczepaniak

Night Light

Richard Thibodeau


Novi Trump

Honeyed Bees Heal Me With Their Poisonous Sting

Shanti Norris

Daddy’s Little Girl

Mina Norton

Seeing Hope

Nancy Patz

I Shall Wear Purple!

Sarah Pavlik

I’m Beautiful, I’m Radiant!

Marilyn Pitney

And They Watched Over Us

Annette Polan


Carien Quiroga

Blossoming Strength

Carol Radin

Feathered Creature Mask

Jack Rasmussen

Par Avion

Marie Ringwald


Jane Rostov

For Mom

Binnie Fry

Homage to the Omo

Jeanne Garant

Enough Already

Susanna Giller


Suzanne Goldberg

With a Rose in her Hair

Susan Goldman and Jeff Owens

Lights Are On

Barry Goodman

Homage to Jeff Koons and Fritz Scholder

Judy Goodman


Rosabel Goodman-Everard

Untitled (Sounds of Flying, Songs of Falling)

Bobbi Gorban

Dayenu – Enough

Bill Harris

For Roz 1951-1991

Eve Hennessa

Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking

Francie Hester and Brendan Ogg

A Leaf of Knowledge

Ellen Hill

Still Waters

Bonnie Lee Holland

Shadow into Spring

Ron Holtz and Marie Riccio

Mount St. Eleanor

Roz Houseknecht

I Still Wear Earrings!


Charting New Territory

Mila Kagan


Pat Kagan

Two Faced

Carol Kanga

Blooming Passage

Madeline Keesing

Beating the Beast

Heather Kendall

Life’s a Beach

Joan Konkel

Avian Warrior

Kathy Korin

She Surrounds Herself With Beauty (and becomes what she sees)

Bridget Sue Lambert

Golden Comfort

Harriet Lesser

Wild in Fields Looking for Seeds

Dalya Luttwak

Mending: In Memory of My Younger Sister Ilana

Anne Marchand

Love Light

Sophia McCrocklin

The Mast Head

Frances Metcalf

Delia Goes Diving

Billie Meyer

Vintage Gypsy

Phillipe Mougne


Minna Nathanson




Deborah Appleby

Into the Light: Gratitude, Respect, Perseverance

Lee W. Badger

Waldgeist IV-Out of the Woods

Susan Bartley

Standing Tall

Diana Coulton Beebe

Hope Is the Thing with Feathers

Mary Beth Bellah

Nesting and New Beginnings

Alan Binstock


Joanne Brooks

Introducing Shellie

Joyce Condry

Miss Fisher

Constance Costigan

The Presence of the Unseen

Joanne De Fiore


Patty Derrick

Happy Place

Alexandra Higgins

From the Sea

Anne Jack

New Life from the Sea

Olaive Jones

Mask of Antonia Yates

Rhys Joseph


Diane Treacy Keesee


Painting Divas

ART–Anguish, Radiation, Triumph

Maire B. Estar

The River of Our Return

Francine Federici


Mark Harris

Mask Printed on Mask

Fay Kempton

A Cocoon Offers Rebirth

Kim Klabe


Joan Konkel

Avian Warrior III

Kathy Korin

Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Harriet Lesser

Not Just a Face in the Crowd

Nina Lichtman


Faith Lord

Butterflies Waiting

Anne Marchand

The Goddess Returns

Lesley McCaskill

Woman of the Marsh

Nina Mickelsen

Next Year: The Beach!

Lee Wayne Mills


Lee Wayne Mills

Passage Blanc

Rose Minetti

False Face–Courage of a Warrior

Jamie Moore

Out of the Woods

Mark Mott-Lynn


Jeanne Mueller

Butterflies Are Free

Sarah Pavlik


Patty Pearce

Gypsy Babe

Damon Pla

The Memory of Trees

Iris Prager

Frida’s Courage

Ellen Roney Hughes

Flowers and Butterflies
for Mother

Barbara Neely Sample

Flowers of Hope

Margaret Saul

Always Forward

Susan Scaglione and Kristin Gemma

A Bouquet of Hope

Dale L. Sheldon

Cosmic Healing with Celestial Blessings

Guillermo Silveira

Mrs. Hope

Karin Snoots

Evoking the Healing Presence

Wesner B. Stack

Through the Fire

Cassie Taggart


Richard D. Thibodeau

I see Myself in Nature

Richard D. Thibodeau

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Richard D. Thibodeau

Lots of Angel Kisses

Richard D. Thibodeau

Welcome to My Peaceful Park: A Tribute to Stan Lemiska


Don’t Be Afraid

Raymonde Van Santen

Mind Games

Betsey Von Dreele


Barbara Freeman Warden

The Healers

Jeff Watson

Looking Forward To:

Cheryl Wisbrock