Apply for Financial Assistance

911 4 HNC Fund

911 4 HNC means “Help for Head and Neck Cancer.” This is a unique fund dedicated to granting financial aid directly to patients who have or had head and neck cancer (HNC).

The funds are raised through the fine art auction event called Courage Unmasked (CU). The first event was held September 9, 2009; on September 12, 2012, Courage Unmasked 2 took place to replenish the 9114HNC Fund so that we could assist more individuals with their expenses not covered by insurance. You can read more about CU and  CU2 on this website’s home page.

How to Apply

If you are or know someone living in the greater metropolitan DC area who is or has been a head and neck cancer patient and needs financial help, please read on. Share this information with others so that our fund can benefit those who most need it. Very few organizations give to individuals with HNC, which is why we have created Courage Unmasked and our 9114HNC Fund.
Application form

HNC 911 Financial Assistance Application (PDF)

Please download and print the application form.

The completed application should be mailed to:

Cookie Kerxton
4550 N. Park Avenue #506
Chevy Chase, MD 20815