Financial Assistance

Get information on financial assistance for head and neck cancer patients and survivors.

Apply Now

If you or someone you know in the greater metropolitan DC area is (or has previously been) a head and neck cancer patient and needs financial assistance, please click the link below to print and fill out the very short application form. 

The completed application should then be mailed to the following address:

Cookie Kerxton

4550 N. Park Avenue #506
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Download application

Where Do Our Funds Come From?

At 911 4 HNC (help for head and neck cancer), we raise money through the fine art auction event Courage Unmasked. The first event took place in November 2009; At the exhibition in Washington, D.C., over 100 artists participated and came together to create stunning works of art using real radiation masks.

In September 2012, the second Courage Unmasked event took place. With the money raised from this auction, we were able to continue lending support to head and neck cancer patients. These events have helped us assist individuals with any expenses not covered by their regular insurance.